Why Am I ‘not’ Happy?

At the age of 25, when most of my friends are looking for their first real jobs, I am a 50% owner of a company. I have money, friends and family. There are people working under and for me. I can travel, eat and sleep whenever I want to. But, in spite of all these things, there is something missing. I feel incomplete. Dejected. Frustrated. And mostly, unhappy.

So, after a decade of hard work to achieve monetary goals, I changed my goal and started looking for happiness. I decided to find it at home but everything at home is perfect. My mother makes delicious roti and my sister lovingly iron my clothes every day. Even, my younger brother respects me. They love me. Then, I decided to give a shot at work and started looking at loopholes which need to be fixed in order to find happiness. But, there was nothing there as well. Moreover, my girlfriend is beautiful both inside and out and I love being with her. After weeks and weeks of finding happiness externally, I paused, because there was certainly something wrong and I was not looking at the right places. Then, one day I looked into the mirror I saw a sallow face with dark holes around the eyes. I knew then that the problem lies within me. Thus, I embarked on a journey to self-discovery which will unlock the happiness within me.

Here are the few things which I did to ultimately find happiness:

I changed my routine!

It might sound easy and useless. But believe me, this is the first thing to do to get your life together. So, what I did was to change my sleeping pattern. I was a night owl. Staying up late at night was my domain. There was always something or the other which kept me awake and then after a sleepless night I used to start my day with a bucket of caffeinated coffee. Thus, it took me two months to transform my sleeping pattern. My goal was to wake up at 8 and sleep by 11 o’clock. I aspired to 9 hours of sleep every day. At night what I began to do was by 10 o’ clock, I switched off all the technology around me. As for my cell phone, I started switching it off and then keeping it in the kitchen drawer, away from my bedroom.  I had one hour to myself. I started reading a book so that I do not start thinking or worrying or daydreaming which might keep me awake. At exactly 10:55, I closed my book as well as my eyes. It took me some 2 months, but in the end, I was able to sleep by 11. The benefit of sleeping early was that I woke fresh and so my intake of coffees per day reduced significantly.

I started doing Yoga!

Om Shanti Om! Yes, this was my mantra. After, a thirty minutes of serious stretching, I began to meditate. By sitting cross-legged on the mat, I used to close my eyes and focus on the mantra. After a few days, I was able to clear my mind. Negative thoughts stopped and I began to intake the positive energy around me. Every day, this five minutes meditation greatly helped me in the reduction of stress and negativity around me. So in thirty-five minutes I was able to keep my body and mind fresh and energized. I was able to clear my mind and that available space beckoned productivity.


Read, Read and Read…

          Even the Genie in the Aladdin will not agree more that reading is the best solution for all kinds of stress, depression or anxiety. So, there is no magic treatment available to combat these problems but rather a single poem or novel or short story will relax you. Reading not only helps in cognitive stimulation and strengthening your memory but it also helps in building empathy. It helps you in better understanding the motives behind the action; make your analytical skills stronger as well as a good judge of people in real life. We find that reading is a task which cannot be done while multi-tasking, this greatly helps in building focus and therefore reduces the haywire state of the brain while it multi-tasks.


If you find these tactics useful or you have any other suggestion as to what make you happy then leave a comment below and let us know. Till then stay happy!


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