How much online shopping can save you?


When we use the word Shopping and saving, often the sentence is tend to be called as paradox because it is a universally acknowledged fact that shopping can never, ever lead to saving.

However, what if I told it actually can?

Online shopping; quite a mainstream trend has led us to save much of our time and our fuel. We do not need to rush from store to store, finding things and adding them to our cart. Instead, we sit on our couch, scroll through websites and add stuff to our virtual shopping cart. But when we say that online shopping saves our time and energy, are we sure it saves our money too? Actually  it can, if you know the right tips and tricks to do so and following are some of the handy ones.

  1. Seek coupons


    Currently, coupons are the premier source of saving on online shopping. There are various sites like that provide tons of coupons codes that help you save while shopping online. Hence, it is for this reason, you should always look for coupons for different stores prior to start with shopping.

    If you are wondering how do coupons work? It is simple. You find a coupon code from a website that serves you, shop using it and avail discounts. It is like you buy a $100 bag using a coupon and save up to 10% on it. The money you saved can be used to buy something else and the cycle goes on.

  2. Look for free shipping


    You would not want to pay the price for having the product at your doorstep. Fair enough. Many website do offer free shipping on the expenditure of a certain amount. If you have finished your shopping and still lack behind the amount that costs you zero shipping, rack your brains for something that you might need in the longer run without costing much. Shop for it, add it to your cart and you will receive it without any shipment prices.

  3. Do it like the locals


    If you are a champ at bargain on local stores, where you bid your price and begin to leave until the merchant sales it to you at your price, the same can be applied to online shopping. The trick by William Poundstone also called as the abandoned shopping cart ploy can lead you to get coupons or some discount.

    The abandoned shopping card ploy require to fill up the cart at any retailer site and fill out the shipping details including your email and excluding the payment information and exit. After few days, the retail store will contact you via email offering either a discount or free shipping because it would definitely wouldn’t want to let a new customer go.

  1. Frequently look at the social media


    Many of the times, the retailers announce special discount offers on the social media platform which can lead you to save a good amount of money and thus it is essential to remain updated.

Now that you know, few of the many tips to save on your online shopping, get started with buying all that you need without having to spend much.


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